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Gold jewellery with heart

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Con Amore

Much more than Valentine's Day jewelry. Marta Burato tells us the origins of the new Con Amore jewelry collection: passion for international jewels and art but also attention to eco-sustainability and human rights, is accompanied by more personal notes, intersecting with the extraordinary events of an unprecedented year.

The result is a reinterpretation of the heart-shaped jewelry in a whole new key, essentially elegant but above all incredibly current.

The concept behind the Con Amore collection
The concept behind the Con Amore collection

(Interviewer) How did your passion for the world of jewelry and design come about?

(Marta) It is a natural inclination for beauty, a research that I cannot escape from and that ranges in all fields. Poetry is everywhere!

(I) What is the concept behind the Burato collection, Con Amore?

(M) Con Amore was born in a period of reinterpretations of the priorities that Covid has brought with it. What really matters in your life? Who doesn't leave you alone in difficult times?

The answer is: our affections.
Whether they are a partner, children or parent, they are the pivot of our strength.

The Heart: the simplest symbol of Love
The Heart: the simplest symbol of Love

(I) Hence the choice of the heart, the true essence of the collection...

(M) The heart is the simplest symbol of love, the one we begin to draw for mothers when we are children and that accompanies us throughout our emotional life. The profile of the heart represents the universal language of the feeling of love.

(I) What is the meaning of the diamond with the heart?

(M) In the collection I wanted to give a different accent to the design, which I made with the diamond, a symbol of crystalline purity free to move but always indissolubly linked.

I believe that emotional ties should not be a bond but a secure basis that allows you to freely express your deepest and purest identity.

"Emotional ties should not be a bond but a secure basis to freely express your deepest and purest identity"

Jewellery that speaks of you
Jewellery that speaks of you

(I) All Burato collections show a peculiar research: what is this due to?

(M) Lately I often hear about the circular economy but this concept has always belonged to us in jewelry. The great value with which we face every day has made us accustomed to using even the powder. If everyone treated the elements of nature as a precious commodity, perhaps these concepts would become obvious.

(I) Eco-sustainability and attention to human rights: what do they mean for you?

(M) Nature is given to us in custody, personally I feel responsible for all my actions that may affect the future of the planet and its inhabitants.
And this is why our materials come only from controlled supply chains and that we work with the utmost attention for the rights of all, especially those of our neighbor.

(I) What do you think about the relationship between a woman and the jewel she wears?

(M) I love to think that our jewels are like a second skin: that they do not flaunt, but soberly represent our bond with beauty.


Burato jewels are the key to expressing your uniqueness,

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