Ring Size Guide

Find the diameter

Diameter is the measurement across the inner width of the ring. You'll need: a ring that fits you and a ruler.




Find a ring that suits you.



Lay ring on top of ruler and measure the widest area inside the ring from inner bode to inner edge. Round to the closest whole millimetre.

TIP If the ring does not have a circular shape, measure the shortest distance. It is the case of the Circle and the Window rings.


Find your circumference


The circumference is the measurement of the length surrounding the base of the finger.
You will need: a strip of paper, a pencil, and a ruler.



Cut a long strip of paper.



Wrap the strip of paper around the base of the desired finger. For a more accurate result, pull the paper as tight as possible.


Make sure the paper is overlapped and pulled perfectly and mark where the paper strip meets.



Measure the length of the paper strip in millimeters. Round up to the nearest whole millimeter.

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Are you looking for the size of your next BURATO ring?
This guide will help you find the perfect size in no time!



Multi-waering rings: how to choose your size

When buying several rings to wear on one finger, it is suggested to opt for a size larger than your usual size.

Chain-style rings

When placing chain rings (for example Arch model - BN972), the best way is to gently push the ring along the finger, taking care that it does not twist around to avoid reducing the diameter of the ring.

Considering the specific wearability of this type of ring, if you are choosing between two sizes, we recommend choosing the higher size.


Some suggestions...

Even though our fit recommendations come from experience, they should only be used as a starting point and the below factors should be considered in each specific case:

• your specific finger shape;
• your lifestyle habits;
• the possible changes in size that naturally occur during the day or with changing weather conditions.

Do not forget that our hands are not perfectly identical, and that a ring that is usually worn on a finger of the left hand may not fit on the same finger of the right hand.
Always make sure that the chosen size fits smoothly over the entire length of the finger.

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