Gold bracelets for women

Gold bracelets for women
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Burato 2023 women's bracelets: femininity is tinged with gold

Essential, linear and authentic. These are the characteristics of each of Burato's women's rose gold necklace and gold bracelet. 18-karat gold accentuates femininity, bringing a touch of class and light to all looks, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Each collection of Burato bracelets has its own meaning: browse through the online catalog to choose your favorite 18k gold women's bracelets.

Women's bracelets in certified 18k gold, Burato’s quality

Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can choose from different materials for your jewelry: classic silver, combined with a black PVD coating, gives a casual touch to your style, while gold brings out each woman's elegance and sophistication. It is the latter, however, that is the jewelry company's favorite material: it is CoC-certified 18-karat gold and is used to make most of the brand's jewelry. The certification is a recognition that Burato holds dear, as it attests to the model of workmanship and sourcing that sets it apart from many other jewelers on the market. In fact, CoC certification recognizes that the jeweler adopts a chain of custody for precious materials, such as gold in fact, that is responsible and safe, thus recognizing its quality.

In fact, Burato Jewelry's passion for producing gold and diamond bracelets stems from the desire, first and foremost, to provide an accessory to each woman that can create a deep connection with her soul, but not only that. All items in the Burato bracelet collections are crafted by the jeweler paying the utmost attention to bracelet jewelry, but also to sustainability and human rights. The woman is part of a larger ecosystem, so in order for her beauty to shine through, Burato firmly believes that it is crucial first and foremost to care for the environment in which she lives.

Burato has thought of different styles of jewelry, developing collections of women's earrings as well as rose and yellow gold bracelets, diamond bracelets, and bracelets with stones of different and expressive colors to meet the needs of every woman and best match each personality.

Among the bracelets in the company's 2023 collection, those that are having the most success are:

  • Circle bracelet, thin 18 kt rose gold bracelet available with or without diamonds and in different colors;
  • The Best is Yet to Come bracelet, the quintessential women's gold bracelet that symbolizes courage and the desire to discover what new things life has to offer;
  • Small White Diamonds bracelet, a gold and diamond bracelet featuring a thin chain and all the splendor typical of these stones.

How many gold bracelets to have and how to match them?

Few people perhaps have any idea how much meaning a piece of jewelry such as a women's gold bracelet can have-they can represent a woman's innermost nature, which is why they are perfect to give as gifts on different occasions.

Burato-branded products embody in the most essential form, in the finest details, in the stones of different colors set among the gold links all the values of a woman: simplicity, elegance and authenticity. They give a personal touch to their style, responding to different needs and bring out all feminine charm and beauty.

Thanks to the wide variety of choices, every woman can find a rose gold or yellow gold bracelet model that most embodies the different shades of her character. And just as different aspects coexist in a single character, in the same way it is possible to combine different pieces of jewelry to create a combination of complementary lights and colors with each other. Wearing several gold bracelets together, in fact, enhances their value even more.

However, it is important to avoid falling into excess, although many times it is difficult to choose the jewelry that most reflects one's style because perhaps more than one seems to suit one's style. In order for bracelet jewelry to coexist on a woman's wrist without overlapping and each shining with its own light and beauty, it is a good idea to wear a maximum of 3 at the same time and possibly of different styles. For example, a pairing idea could be given by combining a gold and diamond bracelet with a bracelet with a thin fabric thread and to finish, if you want, also with a thin chain.

To stay up-to-date on all the new arrivals, best sellers, and many different styles of gold bracelets for women, you can browse the online catalog on the Burato Jewelry website page and create the gold bracelet combination that most reflects your mood.

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