Gold rings for women

Gold rings for women
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Women's gold rings: feminine style and elegance by Burato

A piece of jewelry such as a gold bracelet or a rose gold ring can make a woman's soul speak, showing all its charm and elegance, but it can also be a symbol of eternal love. Burato has created a different collection of women's rings for each message you want to communicate: rings in yellow, white or rose gold, set with one or more stones.

Burato gold rings June 2024 collections

Femininity can be expressed from the smallest and most subtle detail, such as a rose gold ring. Burato's gold rings possess a simple design, given by a thin band of 18-karat yellow or rose gold. This band, which can be linear or chain-like depending on the collection to which they belong, is usually embellished with one or more stones, chosen in a specific color according to the meaning one wishes to attribute to these handcrafted jewels.

White, pure and candid is the pearl, while shiny, fascinating and precious is the diamond. Sapphire conveys tranquility and depth, given its deep blue color, while mystery and elegance are the main characteristics of the black diamond, a stone that certainly steps outside the traditional box.

It is precisely in the simple design of these gold women's rings that their uniqueness and strength lies, thus representing the symbol of femininity par excellence, according to Burato's claim. Indeed, their essentiality and brilliance is capable of bringing life and elegance to each hand in which they are worn.

They are therefore perfect accessories to give as gifts and not just for a special occasion, because it would be incorrect to reduce their meaning to a gesture of love that is given exclusively by a partner. In fact, women's gold rings, whether they have one or more gems, are an accessory capable of adding a touch of light to each woman's look, and for this reason they can also be the perfect birthday gift to give to a friend or to one's mother, perhaps even accompanied by matching diamond earrings. In short, they are the ideal thought for any woman whose beauty and elegance you want to enhance.

Among the women's gold rings in Burato's 2024 collection, those that are most popular with customers are:

  • Double Solitaire ring, 18kt rose gold ring with a simple linear structure and two beautiful solitaire diamonds;
  • Arco ring, among 18kt gold chain rings certainly the most elegant, simple and essential;
  • Soft White Solitaire M ring, gold and diamond ring with a stunning solitaire wrapped in a thin chain.

Each shape and stone therefore has its own value, representing a deeper and more personal feeling, and because of this, it is easy, with a classic ring or a diamond ring, to communicate to a woman a message that is as personal and intimate as possible.

What is the meaning of a solitaire ring and when to wear it?

Rings with a single stone such as solitaires are jewelry usually given on special occasions. In the common idea they are associated with engagement rings, in which the preferred metal is always white gold. For this reason, in addition to Burato's best-selling rose gold and diamond rings, white gold and yellow gold rings have been added to the collections as special gifts for making promises of eternal love.

The essentiality of their structure allows the solitaire gemstone placed in the bezel and securely stabilized by several prongs to stand out. Solitaire rings are thus able to represent love, strength, elegance and grace in a single gesture.

Since the solitaire ring is therefore the quintessential engagement ring, it is customary to wear it before marriage, always on the ring finger of the left hand. When one later gets married, by order of importance this ring passes under the wedding ring, but it can still always be worn, to reinforce the promise of union and eternal love that is made on this special occasion.

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