When giving pearls as a gift

When giving pearls as a gift

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Giving pearls: a symbol of love

Giving pearls: a symbol of love

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When do you gift Pearls?

It's easy to ask yourself this when thinking of giving pearls to a loved one, perhaps for a birthday, an anniversary, or in any event.

A choice that may seem complicated at first, but with the right indications, some additional information, and the right collection of pearl jewelry can allow you to find the perfect gift!

Why gift pearls to a woman?
Why gift pearls to a woman?

Pearls are natural jewels that hold incredible elegance inside of them, most women wish to have at least a pair. What does it mean to gift pearls to a woman? Traditionally, they symbolize love in its purest and most essential form, as well as loyalty towards a person, sageness, and understanding. Later on, they also assumed a meaning of a new start. Many different nuances are naturally declined in different ways depending on the occasion and the taste of the recipient.

However, there are some similarities that a gift like a pearl always carries:

• They are usually neutral in color and suit all skin tones.

• Pearls are supple and can be worn with most outfits, both casual and formal.

• It is precious and does not lose its value.

• It will be cherished and worn for years, never going out of style!

• It can be handed down to the next generation.

When should you gift pearls?
When should you gift pearls?

Birthdays and Coming of Age: for any woman born in June, pearls take on a particularly special and significant value as it is dedicated to those born in the month. In any case, pearl jewels are perfect for any birthday and, thanks to the plenty of meanings linked to the beginning of new life experiences.

Graduation: Reaching a big goal is an excellent moment to choose pearls as a present, since they, as previously mentioned, represent the sublimation of wisdom.

Romantic Occasions and Anniversaries: Pearl jewelry, like diamond jewelry, is a quintessential romantic gift, ideal for Valentine's Day or to commemorate events like your first date or engagement day. Specifically, they are culturally associated with the 30th wedding anniversary is recognized as the "Pearl Wedding". Their representation of enduring love and sincere loyalty is one of the key reasons why pearls are so popular for bridal jewelry and for any occasion where a sincere romantic gesture is appropriate.

Mother's Day: For a special day like the one dedicated to all mothers, pearls are always an excellent gift choice. A gift that any mother will be delighted to receive and one that is sure to be cherished and treasured for many years to come.

"The heart of people is very much like the sea.
It has the storms, it has the tides and in its depths, it has its pearls."
Vincent van Gogh

When to wear pearls?
When to wear pearls?

All the time! Choosing the type of pearls that suit you best and learning how to recognize their unique qualities.

Learn more by reading the interview of the designer of the ‘Sweet Pearls’ Collection Marta Burato, filled with tips and tricks on how to wear and maintain pearls looking beautiful throughout the years.

Pearls symbolize love in its purest and most essential form, as well as loyalty towards a person. 

For special occasions, such as mothers day, birthdays, graduations, or anniversaries. Pearls are always a great gift choice!


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