Mother's Day 2023 Jewelry Gift Guides

Mother's Day 2023 Jewelry Gift Guides

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Mother's Day is coming up!

A gift as special as your bond! Choose Burato for Mother's Day

On Mother's Day, we celebrate mothers and motherhood in all its lovely variants: new mothers, experienced mothers, biological mothers, chosen mothers, expectant mothers, and all those with whom we feel a maternal bond.

Discover the Burato gift guide and find your personal, meaningful and sparkling Mother's Day gift!

Mum is like a diamond... forever!
Mum is like a diamond... forever!

Diamonds, pink and blue sapphires to wear every day as a symbol of one's unique love. With the Solitaire collection of solitaire diamond and sapphire jewellery, Burato explores all the nuances of love with a gemstone dedicated to each of its colours.

Solitaire diamond jewellery is a tribute to essentiality and purity: highly selected and Conflict-Free FVVS diamonds to give our Mother of the Heart an emotion and memory, closed set in a precious stone forever.

Choose Burato Rose Gold and Diamonds Jewellery to represent the unique bond between mother and child.

Jewellery with Sapphires: a gift to surprise her!
Jewellery with Sapphires: a gift to surprise her!

Among the most precious stones, sapphire has always fascinated us with its discreet charm and colours.
Giving a sapphire means wishing happiness and love, and every type of sapphire has a particular meaning.
Pink sapphire jewellery symbolizes kindness and gentleness and is the perfect gift to those who love with intensity.
The blue sapphire represents purity, serenity and sincerity, the perfect jewel for those who put all their love into caring for their loved ones.

The word sapphire derives from the Greek word sàppheiros, meaning 'blue', but may also have origins in the Hebrew word sappir, whose meaning is 'the most beautiful thing'. What stone could best tell the love for our mom?

"A mother is the most beautiful thing, an angelic voice, the warmth of a smile and two loving lips brushing against your face." Peter Pan.

Jewellery with Heart to say 'I love you'
Jewellery with Heart to say 'I love you'

The love between mother and child is the most precious of bonds. Dedicate a special gift to her, who has dedicated millions of unique moments to you, or give yourself an eternal symbol of your love.
Discover the heart jewellery with pink and blue sapphires: celebrate the most unconditional love and carry it with you as the most precious gift.

Mother is care and love. Dedicate a special thought to the mother of your heart: choose the perfect gift from the Burato selection.

Mum, the real superhero
Mum, the real superhero

Mom is the greatest superhero and deserves an exceptional jewellery to tell her how important she is to us.
Wonder Mommy Paillettes are dedicated to all modern mothers: a little Wonder Woman and a little mother of dreams.

Whether it's you, your mum, a friend or the mother of your heart, Burato Paillettes symbolize luck and love to wear every day.

Gift ideas for a Mother's Day to remember
Gift ideas for a Mother's Day to remember

Precious, elegant and romantic: Burato's 18K rose gold and pink enamel Paillettes are a unique gift, like a Mum's love!
Set on a warm 18K rose gold background, Rose Paillettes jewels, thanks to their sweetness, are the perfect gift to thank all the mothers who do so much for us every day with selflessness and kindness.

Jewellery in 18 carats gold dedicated to mothers

Celebrate all the Mothers with Burato!

How are you showing your mom the love this year? Take a photo of your mums with a Burato jewel and tag @buratogioielli on Instagram.


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